Data HK and Allied Telesis

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Data hk is an open source project that provides free public data from local government, companies, and other sources. It provides a variety of tools to help users make informed decisions and understand the world around them. Its database is constantly growing and includes information about Hong Kong businesses, people, and the environment. Its data is available in a variety of formats, including text, tables, charts, maps, and geo-referenced images.

Hong Kong’s personal data protection law PDPO regulates the collection, processing, holding, and use of individuals’ personal data. It establishes data subject rights, specific obligations on the part of data controllers, and six data protection principles. The PDPO has extra-territorial application, meaning it is enforceable outside of Hong Kong. Its rules are based on international data protection standards and best practices, but the territory is still working to bring its laws into line with those of other countries.

While the government is considering modernising the data protection framework, business owners should ensure that they are fully aware of their obligations under the current regime. This is particularly important for businesses that process data about individuals, or that collect data that could be used to identify them. This could include social media platforms, financial institutions, and online retailers.

Tech Data Distribution (Hong Kong) (“Tech Data HK”), a global distributor and solutions aggregator for IT ecosystems, has signed a strategic distribution agreement with Allied Telesis, a leading global provider of IT infrastructure solutions. The agreement will enable Tech Data HK to offer customers the latest software advancements from Allied Telesis, called Network AI. The technology uses artificial intelligence to solve technological problems and create new opportunities for its users.

The technology enables the network to be managed more efficiently and effectively by analyzing the network traffic and taking action. It also improves the speed of response to a network problem. Moreover, it allows network administrators to make more informed decisions about security and performance, making it possible to reduce costs and improve customer experience. This is especially important in the age of digitisation, where data analytics is essential for digital transformation. The partnership will enable Tech Data HK to provide its customers with comprehensive, innovative, and secure IT solutions that help them achieve their business goals. It will also allow the company to strengthen its brand and enhance its competitive advantage in the marketplace.