Data HK and the New PDPO

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Data HK is a free and easy-to-use online portal that lets people access personal information held by eight different mobile phone operators in Hong Kong, regardless of which provider they use. Its automated nature means that it does not act as the agent of the person making the request and instead simply generates a standard form which can be sent by email or printed and posted. The website has been used to generate over 1600 requests at the time of writing.

The new PDPO, which comes into effect this month, will allow people to demand copies of their personal data from any organization that processes it. It also sets out new powers to take legal action against organizations that fail to comply with the law. In addition, the new law will create a new data protection supervisory body and introduce penalties for breaches. However, a major sticking point is that the PDPO does not include express provisions conferring extra-territorial application.

Despite these changes, many data privacy advocates are still concerned about the potential for violations of individual rights. The Hong Kong government will continue to monitor the situation closely, but has no plans to soften the new rules. In the meantime, the HKMA is working to build a comprehensive financial data infrastructure (CDI) to make it easier for banks and commercial data providers to exchange data. It is hoped that this will help promote the wider adoption of fintech solutions in Hong Kong.

A key aspect of the CDI is that it will provide a single connection for each bank and source of commercial data, removing the need to establish multiple one-to-one connections. This will make the process more secure, efficient, and scalable. The HKMA is currently developing the infrastructure for this, which will be based on blockchain technology.

Another area that will see significant change is the regulation of big data, which will come into effect in 2020. In recent months, the government has released a draft bill and launched public consultations on the topic. The draft bill is set to expand the scope of data protection laws to cover large volumes of personal data. It will also require that organisations obtain consent from people before using their data. This will have an impact on the ability of businesses to target advertising or marketing to individuals based on their behavior. In addition, it will require organisations to notify the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of any breach within 24 hours. This will enable the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to investigate the breach and take appropriate action. This is a significant reform that will have major implications for data protection in Hong Kong.