MMA Betting Odds

mma betting

MMA betting is one of the fastest-growing markets at betting sites and sportsbooks across the globe. Whether you’re betting on UFC or smaller promotions like Bellator, there are many different types of odds and bets to choose from.


Head-to-head moneylines are one of the most popular MMA betting odds available and are calculated using an implied probability. These lines are set before the fight, and can be adjusted as the bout progresses.

Round and method of victory prop bets are another type of MMA betting option. These are more precise than moneyline or over/under bets, and can be a great way to increase your winnings.

MMA Variance

Unlike team sports like baseball or basketball, MMA is highly unpredictable and can often be hard to predict the outcome of a fight. This variance can lead to huge payouts for the right bettors.

The key to maximizing your MMA betting profits is to choose quality selections that have a high win percentage. This can be done by analyzing the opponents, training and stats for a particular matchup.

A fighter’s reach is also an important factor in evaluating MMA betting odds. A longer-reaching striker will be able to connect on more shots without putting themselves in dangerous positions.

Weight cut and fitness

MMA is a violent sport, and fighters must be in excellent physical shape to perform their best. Late weight cuts can leave them dehydrated before the bell even rings, and bettors must be mindful of these issues before placing a bet on any fighter.

In addition, the amount of time a fighter spends in training camp is also an important factor to consider. A fighter that has had a long, extensive training camp can often improve their skills significantly during a short period of time.

If a fighter is not in good shape, their performance will be sluggish and difficult to judge. This is especially true for fighters who are close to missing their weight class.

The size of a fighter’s body is another important metric to consider. A larger-framed fighter can be more difficult to defeat on the feet or in the clinch. This can make them a valuable wager, particularly on mismatches against smaller fighters.

Reach, technique and experience

A fighter’s skill level is a huge determining factor in MMA betting odds. A skilled hitter with a good technique and experience in a specific style can easily overcome a less-experienced opponent.

It’s always a good idea to check a fighter’s stats and history before placing a bet on them. You’ll want to look at their previous wins and losses as well as their current form.

This is particularly important to consider if you’re betting on a favorite. A fighter with a strong record can quickly be beaten by an inferior fighter who puts on a poor performance in the first few rounds but then sneaks a lucky punch in the fifth round to win the fight by submission.