The HK Prize

HK Prize is an award scheme that aims to attract and support students from around the world to study science in Hong Kong. The scheme offers monetary prizes, research internships and seminars in one of the world’s premier science hubs. Applicants are encouraged to enter by nominating themselves and their teachers by the end of December. The winner of the public vote will receive HK$4,000 and their school will be awarded HK$10,000. The winners of the student artist and teacher awards will also be announced at an awards ceremony.

The hk prize was launched by the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong in 1954, and is considered Hong Kong’s answer to the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. It is a highly competitive category that recognises outstanding work and raises professional standards. The awards ceremony takes place every year and is attended by journalists from the newspaper industry, politicians, celebrities, and members of the general public.

The winning entry of the HK Prize will be judged by a panel of experts from the academic and business sectors, as well as representatives of the government. The winner will be honoured at a gala dinner in May and will be provided with an opportunity to present his or her research to the Hong Kong community. Moreover, the winner will have the chance to expand their network and increase exposure by participating in international conferences and workshops.

A prize that aims to encourage young people to pursue scientific pursuits and to help them become the next generation of leaders in science, the HK Science and Technology Innovation Prize has two product-based categories and a company-based category. Each of the two product-based categories has a final judging panel, while each of the company-based category has a joint final judging panel.

Despite being ill, Benny Chan won a posthumous best director prize for his police-and-robbers action flick Raging Fire at the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards. Actor Andy Lau took home the best actor and best film editing awards for his roles in the movie. The movie also won the best action choreography award, which was presented by Donnie Yen.

The hk prize has also sparked controversy with the award given to Chow Hang-tung, who is facing criminal charges under Hong Kong’s National Security Law for organising a pro-democracy event. The HKSAR government has condemned the actions of France and Germany for giving their prize to the activist while judicial proceedings are underway. It said the foreign ministries have disregarded international law and basic norms that govern relations between nations. It has urged these countries to respect the rule of law and cease interfering in Hong Kong’s internal affairs. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is a rule-of-law society and laws must be obeyed, with those who break the law held accountable.