What is the Hong Kong Prize?

The Hong Kong Prize is an illustrious writing contest that attracts authors from around the world. Its prizes range from monetary awards to shopping vouchers and F&B perks. However, it is always advisable to read all rules and regulations carefully before submitting an entry. This will prevent any potential issues later.

This award was created to promote global civilisation and encourage others towards building harmonious societies. Its logo, which features precious elements like pearl and jade, symbolizes the human spirit of resilience in the face of challenges. Previous recipients include social justice activists fighting for democracy in their home countries and non-profit organisations providing shelter for homeless adults.

Aside from the hefty monetary prize, this award also comes with an internship at a Hong Kong research institution and opportunities to attend seminars and workshops. This can expand your network and expose you to the latest advancements in your field. Plus, it gives you the chance to work alongside top scientists who may eventually become your mentors.

If you are a scientist and want to advance your career in Hong Kong, this is the right competition for you! Applicants are required to submit an original article that addresses their field of study. Prospective or retrospective clinical studies, observational and epidemiological articles are all eligible (but meta-analyses and review articles are not). The prize is open to both local and internationally-acclaimed scientists and shortlisted candidates will be recognized at an awards ceremony held within Hong Kong.

The HK Prize was established through a $70,000 donation from Professor Wang Gungwu that was matched under the sixth round of the Government Matching Scheme. This prize is an inspiration for young students to pursue excellence in their studies, build a long-term career in Hong Kong, and make a difference in the world.

Applicants must possess both an interest in Asian culture and superior writing abilities to compete for this prestigious prize. The winning author will receive both a cash award and a six month internship at a renowned Hong Kong research institution. They will also be invited to seminars and workshops that can help them grow their career and expand their knowledge of the region.

If you are interested in competing for this coveted prize, start by visiting the World of Winners splash page on March 1. Then fill out an application form and follow the instructions! Once you’ve done that, be sure to check back regularly to keep up with any updates.

This is one of Asia’s premier science awards and attracts thousands of applicants each year! Scientists must submit an article that makes an impactful statement about society, which could include clinical studies, observational or epidemiological articles, and basic science studies. In addition to receiving a cash prize and access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities, winners can present their work at an awards ceremony to gain international exposure.